Selasa, 27 Oktober 2015

An Unique Place (Ronghe Mosque)

There are so many Chinese people around the world, including in Indonesia.
There are so many Chinese cultures in Indonesia which influence Indonesian cultures

Al-Imtijaz was inaugurated and was opened for public on 6 of August 2010.This mosque has capacity for 200 people. This Mosque was initiated by R. Nuriana, the former Governor of Jawa Barat. It was built to associate all Tionghoa Muslim in Bandung.
 Al Imtijaz be adapted by Chinese culture such as Lampion and lots of Chinese Ornament .

Al Imtijaz is usually called Ronghe by Tionghoa people. Ronghe means unity
Al Imtijaz is located at Jalan Banceuy No 8 Bandung
All people can enter this mosque. It is opened for all muslim in Bandung. When we come to Ronghe mosque, we will see lots of Tionghoa ornaments, such as lampions and other Chinese ornaments. We should be proud of this cultures.

This is Lampion, the color is red, the shape is round. it is influence by Chinese culture.

this is the place for wudhu. you can see dragon picture. it is a symbol of chinese culture.

this is another place for taking wudhu

this is a combination between chinese culture and islamic cuture. you can see there are Arabic caligraph.

the gate looks like Chinese kingdom gate

Finally, tough the mosque is small. it is a symbol of cultural diversity in Indonesia :) 
See You!

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