Selasa, 05 April 2016

Hello Folks! Now, I would like to tell you about "Dewa Athena". One of my school activities.
on myth, dewa athena os the goddess of wisdom, lae, inspiration in ancient greek and mythology. In classical pantheon arhena was remade as the favourite daughter of zeus. Born fully armed from his forehead. Hahahaha but it's not about that.

Dewa athena is osis project on sports. This is a competition for x and xii grade in sman 3 bandung. Dewa athena is annual events.
the firstday is at 10 March 2016. We must come at 07.00 on Lapangan Bali. Every class has hersey team. So i am so fight to attend on this event. Dewa athena was opening at 07.15 from the leader of this event.

The first activity is marathon, we run from lapbal-belitung-jawa-sumbawa-and back to lapbal. We entered lapbal to start lots of competitions.

The first competition is basketball between xi4 vs x 5

There are some sports that will held for example badminton, basket, futsal, tarik tamvang, dodge vall, estafer. I join tarik tambang only.

My class joined in all of competitions
At 11.00 am i played tarik tanbang, i have given all of my enery and you know? We won in this competition. Maybe, we were lucky.
But, unfortunately on 2nd and 3rd day we were lost of this games. Yeah well the most important is my class always be the best and the fightest class. See you!

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