Sabtu, 22 Agustus 2015

It's me

Hello Fellas!
Let me Introduce MySelf!
  My name is Intan Fitria. You can call me Intan.
I live at Jalan Sindangsari III Number 9B, Antapani.
  I was born in Bandung , December 30 1999. I live with my parents, They are Mr. Asep Mahmud and Mrs Ririn Salamah. My father is a businessman. And I have one Sibling, his name is Yogi Saputra. He is now studying at Indonesia University of Education. Now he is writing research paper. My brother is so smart, diligent, and very kind to all people.
  And I have a lot of hobbies  such as reading many books, writing literature, singing, and listening to the music.
  I am very interested in joining organization because, I can train my leadership skill to be a future leader.
  I have a turtle named Ipank. It is so cute. Every morning, it always smiles to me. And it is 8 y.o
  At last , I want to be the most successful woman at 2028. I want to help all people around the world. I want to be a successful diplomat and I want to be a professor at Harvard University.
  Why I want to help all people around the world? because I don't want to see a lot of suppression, poverty, and  war in this world. I believe in future I will be a leader of my people.

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