Senin, 31 Agustus 2015

Hello guys! Now I would like to tell you about my new friend.
Her name is Shallya Berliana Nur Rifa . She  was born in Bandung, August 19th 2000. She is 15 years old now. She lives at Jalan Kayu Agung 10 Lembang. She was graduated from 12 Junior High School.

Her favourite foods are sushi and lidi. Maybe in her mind it is delicious. Every break time,she always goes to canteen to buy some lidi.
Her hobby is listening to the music. Her favourite genre is edm. For everyone, music can make our feeling better.
She has a little happy family. She lives with her parents. However, she doesn’t  want to share her parent name to me. Ok no problem :( . But I only know her siblings. She has two siblings. First , she has a sister named Keisha Ratu Vianca, and she has a brother named Desta Ananta Mahardika Keandra.  Shallya loves her parents very much.
Shallya usually wakes up at 4 a.m., and then she takes a bath for about 10 minutes. Next , she prays shubuh and eats breakfast. At 5 a.m She goes to school. Her house is so far. I can’t imagine it how far is it. From the school it is about 15 Km. She must go at shubuh and must go home in the evening. However , She never gives up :D
In the future, she wants to be a kind doctor likes Ibnu Sina. I think so, and i hope she can complete her ambition. If we meet again in future, i want to see our successful.
Since the first meeting, we are always together. We are so open to share anything. Luckily , we have similar understanding and ideology. So, when we do something, we always post it in our social media. She loves “selfie” so much. She even takes selfie secretly. There are a lot of my awkward photos in her handphone. However, I am never angry to her, I am happy and enjoy this moment instead. Wkwkwk I know I am so weird and “crazy” :(

Shallya always tells me about her boyfriend. But , I am so confused to tell her about my boyfriend too. Why? BECAUSE I HAVEN’T GOT A BOY FRIEND :( :( :( wkwk LOL:d. Ok no problem for me :)
There are a lot of funny moments when I am with her. One of those is when she took wudhu for prayer and she forgot to put off her glasses. And I was laughing loudly hahaha =))))
Another funny moment is when we rode wrong public transportation from SMAN 3 to Gramedia. It was so embarrassing :p
Every Friday, We always go to library to study together. We spend a whole day at library until a librarian asks us to go home L . Maybe, we are “Perpus addict” :)
Okay  maybe that is all about my new friend named Shallya Berliana Nur Rifa. I am sorry if i can’t share all of our funny moments because they are too many. This is our story. And you?

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