Selasa, 01 September 2015

Fadila and me

When I was at school. I saw Fadila ran as fast as she could to School Medical Room.

Me     : Hello Fadilla! Good morning
Fadila: Hello Intan! Good morning too
Me     : What are you doing Fadilla? Why are you in a   hurry?
Fadila: I'm going to school medical room Intan
Me     : In what connection?
Fadila: I feel bad now. I got a stomach ache
Me     : Oh Fadila, I will accompany you to school medical center
Fadila: Thanks you. What  You are!

At the School Medical Center

Me     :  Do you hungry Fadila?
Fadila: I am so hungry now. But I have not any foods 
Me     : I have some foods. Do you want?
Fadila: Of course
Me      : Here it is
Fadila: Thank you. What a delicious food! Did you get it yourself?
Me      : Yes I did
Fadilla: Wow, you did a great job! I am proud of You
Me: Thank You Fadilla
Fadilla: Did you get an extra lesson? Where?
Me: Yes I did. Yesterday, I got an mathematics and physics private lesson at my home.
Fadilla: What diligent You are! By the way, I feel better now. I should leave this place
Me      : Okay, That's a good news. Let's return to our class!


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