Sabtu, 23 Januari 2016


Hello Folks! Here, now Id like to tell you about my experience in last  holiday.  Last holiday I was only home. Its  so bad . How about you? I only eat, watching tv, and sleep. Thats my job in holiday. Day by day, I felt so bored. I started to opened my novels, I read it everyday. But, for me at SMAN 3 to have a holiday is so hard. Everyday I should Study hard. Sometimes I feel so exhausted. But, Im very happy lived in there. SMAN 3 is my home, my lovely place that i ever had. There is lots of kind people. In there, I know how to be an success person in future, I love my school so much. Ok back to our topic.

In my holiday, i always remember the tasks. Why? It was annoyed. I tried to forget all about it. In my first week, I was chatting and listening the music along day. Wow, Its so bad right?

But, my holiday changed in second week. On 4th January, Me and my Family Go to the beach and all of beauiful place to get a refreshing. I woke up really early and got a breakfast.  My father drove the car and we ready to get a trip! Yeay!

We stopped in a middle trip, We stopped at Curug Orok to eat Nasi Timbel.  Every food which cooked by my mom always delicious. She is amazing! After we ate Nasi Timbel at Curug Orok, Me and My Family Continue to our biggest trip.Yeay, Go to Santolo Beach at Pameungpeuk. Santolo is a beautiful beach. It’s located in Southern Garut. The distance from central city is about 90 KM.

Santolo beach has beautiful scene and very awesome place to see. We can see the sunset in the evening there freely. Beside that, we also can see the small wave of the sea. Santolo is the wonderful place and it cause the people stay there  to enjoyed their holiday. Why i said that Santolo is very beautiful sea? Because, Santolo beach has beautiful white sand.. Not all beach have the sand like this. Santolo beach have many kind of local animals. The one of kind is monkey who lives in Santolo Island. The people there let the monkey lives freely. The visitors can see the monkey freely. Its fun for all of the visitors. Santolo beach has a high tower called Mercusuar maybe. The Mercusuar is the tower who used to give assignment or signal that near Santolo beach there is corral area and the fisherman have to takecare of them.

           Furthermore, we can enjoy fresh seafood dishes with a simple dish. Pretty tourist facilities required and souvenir shop are available at this beach for travelers. Travelers who want to spend the night here do not worry about the facilities, because there are many cheap hotel around the coast.

           Last but not leats about the Santolo Beach, It has many beautiful things that I never know before. Indonesia have lots of paradise! You should visit there. And you will know, and you will be proud of our country!
On 1o January 2016 I should go back to Bandung, because On 11 January I should go to school and back to my routines. Yeah, Afer I found a very beautiful paradise on Our country, I felt Spirit to live in 2016. I will be better, And I will invite you to go around our country to found new paradise! See ya!

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